High School Scholarship Recipients 2019



Monserrath Medina-H is a senior high school student at Fresno High School. She is involved in many activities with her school, such as; being a member of Christian Athletes, sports medicine athletic trainer assistant, School Site Council chair for Fresno High School, and is a Link Crew Leader.  Her love for cheerleading began in the 7th grade. She stats, “The adrenaline of pursuing a new skill was a feeling I came to fall in love with.” She wants to attend Sacramento State to study Political Science. Monserrath aspires to become a lawyer or a social worker.



Jennifer Bejarano is a senior at Sanger High School. She has been invovled in cheer for the majority of her life. She has learned dedication, teamwork, confidence, and perserverance due to being on the cheer team. After graduating High School, she plans on becoming a Fresno State Bulldog. Jennifer is interested in law enforcement or business when looking what major to apply for!  

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WINNING 1st PLACE: Cedarwood, Gettysburg, Jefferson, Red Bank, Century

WINNERS in 2nd-5th place include: Red Bank, Sierra Vista, Dry Creek, Cedarwood, Jefferson, Dry Creek, Gettysburg, Fugman, Woods, Garfield, Fresno Chrisitian, Century

First place high school winners:  Tulare Union, Clovis West, Clovis High, Clovis North, Buchanan, Fresno, Redwood, Clovis East, Madera South, 
WINNERS in 2nd-4th place include:  Madera South, Mission Oak, Tulare Western, Sanger, Fresno Christian, Clovis East, Clovis North, Madera, Clovis West, Lindsay, Clovis East, Buchanan 
Intermediate 1st -2nd winners:  Fresno Christian, Washington Academic, Granite Ridge, Clark, Tenaya, Kastner, Reyburn, Alta Sierra  

All Star & Dance EXHIBITION Teams

Clovis United: Twilight, Dazzle, Sparkle, Charisma, Divine 
Sanger Elite: Tiny novice L1, Mini prep L1, Junior prep 2.1
Lemoore: Silver, Pearls, 
Clovis Academy: Raindrops, Snowflakes, Lightening
STRUT: Sr Coed Pom, Youth Pom, Jr Coed Pom, Open Coed Pom, Youth Coed Hip Hop, Sr Hip Hop, Jr Coed Hip Hop, Open Coed Hip Hop, Mini Pom